Type 2 diabetes needn’t be for life

Small-Icon-how-to-get-fit-and-conquer-Type-2-diabetesType 2 diabetes is the inability to use the insulin your body produces, resulting in higher blood sugar levels.


If your diabetes is lifestyle-induced, then as long as you are still able to produce enough insulin, it is possible to adopt a lifestyle that reduces insulin resistance. Your blood sugar level will fall, and if you maintain this, you could ask "where is the diabetes?"


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It’s a matter of lifestyle

 What kind of thinking can help achieve this transformation and maintain it for life?


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Small-Icon-how-to-get-fit-and-conquer-Type-2-diabetes "Becoming an ex-diabetic" is a book that makes it easier to change to a healthy lifestyle and maintain it for life.

The book provides mental tools and resources to make the whole process easier to accomplish and maintain. The central theme is to increase your choices, rather than be imprisoned in diets, lists of forbidden foods and other restrictive practices.